Meet Chris

We are a family of Clovis Unified School District graduates through and through! I believe the Clovis/Fresno community is one of the greatest around. We have raised three sons and a daughter here, watching all of them benefit from a great Clovis Unified education. I have witnessed and experienced the benefits of this District’s core values and high standards through the eyes of a parent.

The experience reinforced the importance of protecting and preserving what makes Clovis Unified a great place to raise a family. In 2008, after seeing my youngest son graduate from Clovis Unified and watched him head off to college well prepared to be successful in life, I knew it was time to give back. I started looking to the future and asking myself how could I contribute to making sure that the same great school district my family attended, would be here for my grandchildren?

That year I was fortunate enough to be elected to the Clovis Unified Governing Board, where I believe I have the responsibility and the privilege to weigh my decisions as to how they will preserve our great history, while also helping navigate how we do this in a changing community and a changing society where many of the decisions on how we operate are made at the federal and state level.