An ask for your support…

I have been honored with serving our community on the School Board since 2008. Since then I have seen our District grow to 44,000 students, 6,400 employees, 43 Comprehensive Schools and 8 Specialty Schools. Our graduation rate has grown to over 94%. We are now #1 in the state in test scores for large schools in ELA and second in the state in our Math test scores. Our District is home to the California State Athletic School of the year and we achieved 22 out of 24 League Athletic Team Titles.

I believe strongly in our employees, students, parents and our community. Myself and all my family of six, graduated from Clovis Unified High Schools. Our academics, athletics and performing arts are among the highest ranked in the state and in the nation. We have ALL played a vital part in making this happen.

As president of our School Board, I couldn’t be prouder of our CUSD family and of our community. I have fought hard to protect our “Clovis Way of Life”, to keep Clovis Unified #1, and to maintain local control.

If you appreciate what we’ve accomplished and want us to continue, I ask for your vote and support.

Christopher Casado – CUSD Board President

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Clovis Unified is under attack.

This district is under attack by a group of individuals running for office who threaten to siphon money from our students in order to fight laws they feel are unjust at the state or federal level. Specifically, if they are elected, money our district uses to support the performing arts, music, sports, and other basic student programs would be SEVERELY AT RISK. Funds would be lost, and money diverted, to fight laws that mandate gender equality and the implementation of common core standards – laws that our district and administration has carefully implemented to maintain our high standards of excellence, while providing a fair break for every kid.

I believe support, or opposition to such laws should be voiced at the state or federal level. Here in Clovis, and as a governing board member, I will continue to stand with our students, employees and community to responsibly support our core Clovis Values.

Please stand with me in SUPPORTING the following candidates for Clovis School Board who share our values:

Ginny Hovesepian – CUSD Board Member
Brian Heryford – CUSD Board Member
Scott Troescher – Former CUSD Board Member

Thank you for your support!